Diabetes in its two forms continues to be a growing problem for New Zealand and an increasing burden on the health service. Fortunately there are committed experts in NZ who are working to address this problem.


In 1980 a group of leading NZ businessmen and medical professionals supported an initiative to create and fund  the New Zealand Diabetes Foundation.  The Foundation has the objective of promoting understanding of diabetes, in both its forms, and through medical and social research improve the health and wellbeing of persons affected by the condition.

Since its inception the Foundation has been instrumental in promoting, funding and managing a number of medical fellowships for aspiring diabetes clinicians, some of whom are now regarded as leading clinicians in their particular field both within, and beyond, New Zealand,

This work continues along with provision of funding for clinicians and other health care professionals for smaller educational projects or to attend study courses and conferences.

The Foundation is governed by a group of voluntary Trustees and works in close association with both the New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes and Diabetes New Zealand.


Russ Finnerty

Chair, New Zealand Diabetes Foundation